Retirement, sometimes called “the golden years”, should be a satisfying, fulfilling time in life. A time to travel, enjoy leisure activities, and explore. 

Whatever you’ve been dreaming about, it will take some planning to have the life you want.

Important considerations that most retirees face:

  1. Housing – where, how, when?
  2. Finances – what is realistic, affordable?
  3. Health – medical needs will inform choices you make.
  4. Family – nearby? reasonably close? not to worry.
  5. Leisure activities – more time for favorite hobbies, sports, interests?
  6. Socializing – make new friends or seeking solitude?

Have you done your homework?

Being carefree may take some effort upfront. 

If you’re looking for current, up-to-date resources for living your best life, you’ve found it.

I’ve been doing my homework for 15 years, keeping abreast of facts and changes that affect my golden years. You’ll find  trends, ideas, options, and what other folks are doing.


Embrace Change. You owe it to yourself.