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This beautiful array of vegetables is loaded with good choices for delicious and nutritious eating. 

Hi, I’m Judy Strong, and Seniors Living Well is my blog. 

As a senior citizen, and a working retiree, I value my health and safeguard it carefully. For me, eating well has always been about foods I like that also have nutritional value. When I was growing up – in Wisconsin (dairyland) our meals were simple, but with an eye to variety and balance. 

Food For Healthy Aging

Aging is about change. Our minds and our bodies change, and habits and activities usually have to adjust accordingly. Has this been happening to you? It often comes as a big surprise. Last week I could eat ……, for example; today they give me heartburn. Acknowledging the changes that are taking place is important. These changes have to do with food, energy, vision, sleep patterns, and the list goes on. But they don’t render us helpless. They simply require some adjustments. Aging is a process, not a sentence.

An important aspect of living and feeling well is food:  You really are what you eat. So deciding which foods nourish you, taste good and are affordable is an essential task that starts with a general evaluation. If you have never taken stock of your food intake and meal planning, now is a good time to start. You can do this on your computer, with pencil and paper, or keep a notebook for a week or two.

To get started, here is a link to WebMed that gives you a good overview for all things nutritious.

As you can see, eating well is easier than you think. While there are a lot of ideas to consider, there are also resources to help you make a well-organized and personal meal plan that helps you eat right and maintain good health.


We have an enormous array of choices from all the food groups, and we pretty much know what we like or dislike. However, our bodies, inside and out, are always changing, leaving room for improvement for weekly meal planning. Factor in all the aspects of eating that pertain to you to get a composite of your personal needs and wants.

In general, here’s a short list of important concerns:

  • Taste buds – the food just doesn’t taste the same, or now has an unpleasant taste. Huh?!
  • Digestion – it may be slower, or your system may balk at some foods you’ve eaten your whole life.
  • Chewing – could be your teeth, or dry mouth or the food is more crunchy than you remember. You may actually have to chew 37 times before you swallow.
  • Hydration – drink lots of water . This is said over and over. But what if you don‘t feel thirsty? Drink it anyway. And, yes, there’s the bathroom connection.
  • New foods – vacationing or living in a new location? Try out the local foods slowly. See how it tastes, goes down and how you feel an hour later. 
  • Quantity – three meals a day may not be the best pattern any more. Several smaller meals may give you more energy and keep you alert. Two or three snacks between meals give you a chance to include fruits and berries, veggie sticks, or some dairy throughout the day, without killing your appetite. Snacks are healthy foods; treats are, well, treats.

Your Personal Plan

Photo by Ke Vin on Unsplash

 Feeling well is the green light that allows us to live our best life.

This picture offers a variety of items that may be pleasing to our palette. Or some of them may have been good eating once, but are no longer a top choice. As you look at the various food items, we see cooked, fried, raw, vegetables, soup, and main courses.

I suggest you start with what you like, and what’s usually on your grocery list. Then evaluate by nutritional value and cost. Any issues that need scrutinizing will pop out at you.

  • Too many carbs?
  • Foods your system clearly doesn’t like? 
  • Expensive though yummy?
  • Fussy to prepare?
  • Only found at speciality stores?
  • Eating out is a consideration all its own.

Start the process of evaluation and find substitutes for foods that need to be replaced or eliminated altogether. See if you can come up with a good general meal plan for a week or two.

Your health is paramount, and your food intake is a major player.

Thank you for reading my blog. Stay tuned for information regarding food and meal planning resources.



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