Help! I’m Going NUTS!

Help! I’m Going NUTS!

Hi everyone,

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m remembering the years when I got up at 6 AM to get the bird in the oven by 7. During those years, I made everything from scratch – and had leftovers for a week and a half.

I knew what to do because I learned from experience. I developed skills over the years.

I wish I were as skilled at building a website. Computerese wasn’t taught when I was young, and Drag and Drop doesn’t always work. So now I’m in a pickle. Frazzled nerves…hair pulling. I finally realized I need to ask for help.

When I thought about it, I realized this is a pattern we follow much of our lives. We struggle, maybe more than necessary, before asking for help.

If you’re in a pickle about retirement, I can help. I have experience. I also have lots of information on subjects that drive us crazy. Such as:
Starting a business
Franchises especially for seniors
Health options
Investments including women’s concerns
Hobbies that can be businesses
Affiliate marketing

Leave your questions, concerns or ideas in the comment box. Or email me at
Thank you for reading my blog.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I wish you well,


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