How Do You Know When You’ve Had Enough?

When You’ve Had Enough… Work, That Is

When is the best time to retire? The question looms over the heads of Baby Boomers and others who’d like to quit working.

Do you need to say emphatically ENOUGH!?

10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and this will continue for 20 years. An alarming statistic to some, yet the possibilities for the older generation are enormous.

For people who have been working since their 20’s, the thought of sleeping in any or every morning is delicious. The fact is, there are choices that have to be considered.

The votes aren’t in yet as to the ideal time for taking social security. Delay it and get a bigger check, or start at the appointed time and receive checks for a longer period. It really depends on a number of factors.

What’s your financial situation? The amount recommended for retirement changes from one source to another.

What’s your health picture? Would working longer likely do harm?

Then there’s the simple fact that you may no longer want to do this job. Enough is enough.

I started taking my husband’s social security at 62. He had died when I was 50 and I was extremely busy for a good decade. I had kids still at home, a full-time job and I was taking classes to finish my degree. Whew! How did I do that?
Actually, the company I worked for had begun to lay off people and I finally found myself unemployed. I had finished school and had a license to substitute teach, so that’s what I did for a year. By then, the kids were on their own, and I decided I’d had enough winters in Minnesota. I moved to Arizona.

I knew I wouldn’t look for a job in the community, but I had started writing a book based on the journal I’d kept. I wanted to finish it, so I learned as much as I could about marketing and worked on my new writing career.

Whether or not you’ve had enough of a particular job, or you’re just tired of working in general, you can mull over any and all options.
What’s been on the back burner all these years?
Want to flesh out that hobby and sell stuff on the internet?
Itchy feet? Dying to travel to fascinating places?

Mature living just keeps getting better. When you’ve had enough of the status quo, think carefully about what you want. Then make a plan and hit SEND.

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