How’s That Vision Board Coming Along?

In my last post, How To Plan A Retirement You’ll Love, I suggested that  you create a vision board. Wildly popular, vision boards – or dream boards – are entirely personal and unique. You decide your goals and express your wishes any way you want.  It’s fluid, changeable and affirming. At a glance, you can see where you’re headed, and what you’ve accomplished.

Seniors Living Well is all about seniors, retired or thinking about retiring, and the choices we make.  I research issues, look for solutions and fill you in. I also live with the same problems you face. Today, one in seven senior citizens lives in poverty. One in four older, single women lives below the poverty line. There is no quick fix to the frightening situation.  But there are ways to increase your income, and create a cash flow.

What’s Out There

Choices range from signing on with a company  that researches and publishes lists of jobs you do from home, or turning your skills and experience into a business.   The companies I found with a Google search include Flexjobs, Indeed, Surejob, Dreamhomebasedwork and Moneyconnexion, and there are more.  The hours and pay are spelled out, with 35 hours or less considered part-time.  Jobs were plentiful and the navigation on the websites fairly easy.

Businesses may be “in person” or on the Web. By in person, I mean offering your services for a variety of jobs for a fee. These may include:

Chauffeur A good driving record and use of GPS is required, plus enjoying being with people.

Dog walking/pet sitting – Should like animals and have some personal experience caring for them.

Personal companion – Help seniors and/or individuals needing assistance with general activities. Not a trained health aide, but one who can run errands, grocery shop, help with house cleaning, laundry or driving to appointments. Or maybe playing cards or board games. Responding to whatever the individual needs in a friendly and relaxed manner.

Tutor – Some educational experience good but not necessarily required. Your pupil may be a child or an adult. Bilingual a plus. Check this out carefully and contact public schools, as well as tutor businesses.

Teaching – Got a skill people may seek? You can teach in a Community Center Educational Program. Tax preparation, foreign language, woodworking, home arts, such as cooking or sewing, painting pictures or houses, the possibilities are endless.

Consulting/coaching – Good listening and people skills can be developed into an online business, with consultations conducted over the phone.

This is just a few, and you may think of others. What do you love to do in your spare time, what skills did you acquire while working, and how can you turn it into   a business?

Here’s a link for more information. The website covers many aspects of senior living.  

Getting Started

The best way to get started is with a plan, not panic. Your vision board should express all the skills, experience and interests you already have. Most, if not all are marketable. Work after retirement probably won’t be like the job you had for years, but sort out the skills or interests you favor, then find a way to monetize them.  In the old days, work was what you did to earn a living, and hobbies were for relaxing on week-ends or evenings. Not anymore.

Those hobbies are being turned into thousands of lucrative businesses on the internet. Skills you acquired while raising a family and volunteering in the community may have $ potential as a side hustle. As you create your vision board, look in craft magazines for pictures of  people displaying their expertise in every imaginable, hands-on endeavor. Needlework of all kinds, woodworking, flower arranging, jewelry making –  the list goes on. Check out websites that sponsor and maintain these craft businesses. You may be inspired.

So you aren’t interested in making a vision board? Not to worry. Templates for goal-setting, life planning and just getting it all together abound.  The ideas I’ve presented here are just a beginning. Writing down your thoughts and ideas are better than just thinking about it. Studies show that when you put ideas on paper, they become more clear and you are more committed to them.

You can always change your mind.

Let me know how things are going. I can and will research just about anything for you. My resources include government websites, and studies that are published and accurate. Let’s earn a little cash to fulfill that wish list.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

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