State Of The Union Your Past Year

I like State of the Union addresses. Presidents reflect, brag and remind us of all the great things that were accomplished during the past year. For each president’s first state of the union address, it’s interesting to see what they include and what they leave out. After the first year, the public is a little more savvy of just how a current president functions and remembers.

In December, I do an evaluation of the past year. It not only helps me see if I accomplished my goals; it gives me an idea of how I use my time, money and energy. That way, I have direction for moving forward and writing goals that are realistic – and also of working on problem areas that I’ve uncovered.

If you wrote your own state of the union address, what would it look like? Last January, where did you think you would be today? What were your goals, your hopes and your expectations?

Challenge yourself to reflect on the past year and see what your state of the union looks like. If you are retired, or close to it, where do you want to be? Here are some important considerations for your process.

1. From what am I retiring? A job, lifestyle, geographic location, sense of purpose? You get to choose. Maybe just one or all items.
2. How do I want my day to look? Busy, relaxed, physically active, mentally stimulating, planned or go with the flow?
3. What have I always wanted to do when I had more time? Here’s where those deeply held and personal wishes live. Claim them.

I’m fond of saying “Embrace Change”. It’s the engine that pulls your train.

Get Aboard and Just Go.

To your New Year,


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