What Living Well Looks Like Today

My blog posts, so far, have dealt with several aspects of being a retired or semi-retired person. Money, change, challenges, grief and loss and a brand new year. Maybe it’s time to take some assessments.

Where are you right now? Retired? Thinking about retiring? Wondering what it’s all about?

I did some searching to see what the older generation really wants at this time of life.

The general consensus is that quality far outweighs quantity. Money is important, and many – including myself – wish we had more of it. But today’s seniors are more than willing to look for ways to bring in some hard, cold cash. The words that kept popping up in my research were:

Independence…respect…acceptance…connectivity…inclusion in community planning…opportunities for learning…internet savvy.

Impressive. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find that people just settle for profiling me. An insurance salesman called me one day and proceeded to ask me about myself, obviously knowing my age range.

“Do you use a wheel chair”? No

“Do you have a walker?” No

“Any hearing problems?” No

“Well, are you on oxygen?”

I said, “Isn’t everyone?” and hung up.

There’s so much more to our lives than “senior issues”.

According to a report from NCOA, the National Council on Aging, Fifty-three percent of older adults say that connection with community and family is more important than money. Eighty-four percent cite technology being important for maintaining these connections. Forty-eight percent admit they have trouble understanding their computer.

Today, living well means getting out there, maintaining good health habits, learning new skills and being involved – with work, people and ideas.

Tell us your story and see how we connect. Please share incidents, humorous or otherwise, and we’ll laugh – or cry – with you. Have you started an online business, become a teacher or consultant, signed up for classes or moved across the planet? 10,000 people turn 65 every day, and soon we will be the largest demographic.

Business people and marketers are becoming aware that we are a huge market, and we’re growing. Smart marketing and sales departments view us as important consumers. Housing, travel, auto industry, health and whole foods. We’re a part of all of it. Our generation is setting new standards for mature living.

Think independence…respect…acceptance…connectivity…inclusion in community planning…opportunities for learning…find a place to teach you computerese.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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