You, Your Retirement and The Money Picture

You, Your Retirement and The Money Picture
A brand new year brings new goals and a chance to revisit the ups and downs of 2017. When I look at the real picture, I actually accomplished more than I realized. Didn’t make tons of money, but I got a website up and running and learned a lot about plugins, widgets and writing a blog.
For those of us who are retired but still working, there’s good news.

America is doing better than the last few years. The stock market is up, more jobs are being created, and everyone hopes for more money at the end of the year. The new tax bill promises more cash for almost everyone. Tax bills usually strive for an optimistic outcome, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

The situation
I just looked at It’s the Department of Labor, a website I frequent. Statistics show that, alongside the good news, the number of people applying for unemployment insurance is higher than expected. While new jobs are being created, businesses are closing or laying off workers, increasing the number of job-seekers.

I’m actually an optimist at heart. I know the sun comes out eventually. But if you’re newly retired, or in the planning stages, money management may be giving you headaches. Looking for a job for supplemental income is tough, at best, and especially in an economy that has many young job seekers.

Your retirement plans may have to be tweaked a little, but fortunately, there are bright spots for senior women wanting to increase their cash flow. Seniors, both men and women, are encouraged today to start businesses. And women as entrepreneurs are a positive force in American society. Women still have issues to overcome but the outlook is optimistic.

You and your retirement
It’s about all things dear to you. It’s about embracing change, living your best life and exploring all the things you’ve dreamed about. Allow plenty of time for gardening and grandchildren if that’s your pleasure. Play golf or tennis, swim, bicycle and walk to your heart’s content. You’ve earned it.

Your Money
Earning in retirement can be:
generating a cash flow from a hobby or craft you love
buying into a franchise that’s already a proven success
turning your skills into a teaching or coaching business
starting something brand new on the internet.

I’ll be offering a free special report on opportunities for making money in retirement. It will explain what it is, how to learn more about it, what others think who have tried it, how to get started and what you should consider before you decide.

I know that anxious feeling when you think you’ll end up living under a bridge! Don’t panic! Quitting one job and starting another is the new “retirement”. The ball is in your court.

I wish you well,

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